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Tree Day 2008
May 13, 2008

We purchased a bundle of 25 Concolor Fir seedlings from the Washtenaw County Conservation District.

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Digging a hole
Tree Day 2008 was our fourth tree day. The first was in 1983, before we built our house, when we purchased 25 White Pines, 25 Red Oaks, and 25 Blue Spruces. All these trees are now quite large. Several of the Blue Spruce trees are down at Mahrle Road at Woodbrook Lane. Some of the Red Oaks are in our front yard, and the pines are mostly between our house and the woods. We then purchased 25 Douglass Firs a few years later. Most did not make it - some became Christmas trees, and one large one remains near the duck house as an outdoor Christmas tree. Our last two tree days were in 2003 and 2008, and are documented here.
Enlarging the hole
More work on the hole
Connie helping with the holes
Ready for a tree!
Minerva checks out the scene
Minerva finds a hole ...
... and the water
The bundle of 25 trees was temporarily stored in the ground
Unbundling the trees
The bundle label

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